Wildfire’s APIs and Datafeeds

Develop Custom Cashback Features

Have access to an expert team of developers and a vision for how you’d like to present cashback or coupon offers to your users?

Work with Wildfire’s datafeeds and APIs to access raw merchant, cashback, and coupon data that you can incorporate into your own cashback rewards program.




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Build To Your Cashback Vision with Our Data

Wildfire provides robust merchant, offer, and coupon data that our clients can use to augment their existing product or service, or build a whole new product from scratch. 

Use cashback rewards and/or coupon data to enhance your existing product with value-added, money-saving offers your customers will love.

Get To Know Wildfire's Datafeeds

Our offer data is provided via flexible JSON datafeeds, updated every 6 hours. Customize your rewards program's user experience by mixing and matching from these categories:

Icon to reflect Merchants (green mono-linear icon with dollars in a circle and a circle arrow surrounding)


Information and metadata including logos, lifestyle images, categories, serviceable countries, merchant score, and special feature restriction flags

Icon to reflect Coupons (green mono-linear shopping cart with dollar sign, shopping bag, and messaging, and plus icon surrounding)


Coupon codes and available, authorized promotions for many of our merchants
Icon to reflect Merchant Rates (green mono-linear icon with $ inside a circle that has many lines and smaller circles extending beyond it)

Merchant Rates

Commission rate data for all merchants, including exclusion information

Wildfire's Cashback Transactions API

In addition to our JSON feeds, our secure API allows authenticated partners to retrieve transaction data securely & programmatically. 

This feature allows our clients to capture commission revenue as well as flexibly transform customer commissions into whatever currency or internal value they wish to use it for.

An example use case is for a client to use the Wildfire API to capture earned cashback rewards and display them as internal "credits" to be used however the customer would like.

Incorporate cashback and coupons to your products with Wildfire’s reliable datafeeds and APIs.

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Looking for something else to solve your cashback needs? 

We offer two other cashback browser extension solutions requiring less technical effort:

  • Turnkey Browser Extensions: Enjoy the fastest path to cashback rewards with a cashback browser extension we build and manage for you.
  • Extension Launchpad: Use our codebase to access pre-built components of our rewards platform and build your own cashback extension.