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The Challenges of Traditional Cashback Programs

Implementing a successful cashback program can be difficult.

  • High upfront costs
  • Platform management challenges
  • Complicated integrations
  • Forced unnatural conversion path for users through manual “offer activation”

If you’d like to improve the performance of your cashback and rewards program, or want to start offering rewards to your customers, there’s a better way with an enterprise cashback program powered by Wildfire’s white-label solutions.

Want to learn more about the benefits of cashback rewards programs first? Dive into our Ultimate Guide to Cashback Rewards Programs.

75% of consumers are more interested than ever in cashback rewards.

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Why it Works

Instant Merchant Connections for Program Visibility

Wildfire instantly connects your users to the most trafficked online merchants worldwide. Seamlessly expand your participation in over 50,000 affiliate marketing programs, without submitting individual applications to merchants or managing offers manually.

More Value From Your Users

A thriving customer cashback program should be a significant source of incremental revenue gains. Increase the value you provide and your connectedness with customers by offering more enticing, visible, and well-timed cashback offers.

Privacy and Security

With our enterprise cashback program, you never have to involve third parties. You can trust that your company and customer information is secure. Wildfire’s systems don’t collect or store any PII, and are in full compliance with all privacy legislation.

Fit to the Natural Buying Journey

Traditional cashback or rewards programs rely on the user to do too much of the work. “Open our app. Click to activate an offer. Then go shopping.” This is not how your users shop. Wildfire’s network houses tens of thousands of stores and displays relevant cashback opportunities to customers, wherever they’re shopping online. Customers are surprised and delighted when relevant cashback offers show up to reward them at just the right moments. No extra legwork required.

Yours and Only Yours

If any of the recent major acquisitions in the rewards technology space (Paypal → Honey) tell us anything, it’s that the idea of a connected smart shopping companion is not going away. But when it comes to building a custom cashback program on your own from scratch, development costs quickly eat into the idea’s feasibility. Wildfire’s white-label enterprise cashback platform solves this by allowing you to deliver rich, connected shopping experiences for users while maintaining your branding through and through. And our unique revenue share model means there’s zero downside and minimal upfront cost to get started.

How it Works

Whether you're starting your cashback journey from scratch or need a customizable solution to power your existing technology,

Wildfire offers distinct paths to launch your cashback program ASAP.

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The Ultimate Guide to Cashback Rewards Programs

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