Point the Way to Rewards with a Custom Shopping Site

Provide users with a one-stop shopping site that houses the best deals and offers from over 50,000 merchant programs - all powered by Wildfire’s extensive collection of the latest coupons and discounts. 






The Nucleus of Your Rewards Ecosystem

Studies reveal that the majority of customers are “always looking” for deals when they shop online. A shopping site (also referred to as an offer wall, rewards portal, or offer directory) allows businesses to take full advantage of their users’ desire to save money and collect rewards.

The true value of a shopping site is in its centrality. By providing your customers with a collection of hundreds of thousands of deals from merchants in every imaginable category, your business can help them develop a habit in which every product search is initiated by first browsing your deal catalog.

Become ingrained in your customers’ shopping habits with a shopping site as part of your cashback and loyalty rewards program.

73% of online shoppers are more interested than ever before in using digital coupons to save.
Get the full report revealing insights on changing consumer behavior in light of an uncertain economy.

Why it Works

A Home Base for All Your Deals

Your shopping site acts as a “home base” for all of the deals available to your customers. It’s a powerful tool to make the breadth and depth of your shopping program visible, allowing your customers to appreciate the value you’re providing them all in one place. It’s also an important component for your marketing efforts that promote your offers, providing a place for your users to easily “See more deals.”

Instant Merchant Connections for Program Visibility

Wildfire instantly connects your users to over 50,000 merchant programs worldwide. Seamlessly increase your participation in merchants’ marketing programs, without submitting individual applications or managing offers manually.

White-Labeled To Put Your Brand Front & Center

When it comes to building a custom cashback program on your own from scratch, development costs quickly eat into the idea’s feasibility. Wildfire’s white-label loyalty marketing platform solves this by allowing you to deliver rich, connected shopping experiences for users while maintaining your branding through and through. And our unique revenue share model means there’s zero downside and minimal upfront cost to get started.

More Than a Shopping Portal

Distinct from other shopping portals, your influence on a customer’s buying journey doesn’t end when they leave your shopping site to browse online. Wildfire’s platform features the ability to show offers from online stores as customers move through their natural browsing and shopping experience. So whether they end up converting on their originally intended offer or end up on another site entirely, your opportunity to influence a purchase and become part of your customer’s everyday shopping and deal-finding experience grows exponentially.

How it Works

As part of your other cashback and rewards efforts with Wildfire, get access to our extensive custom coupon and cashback offers feed.

Choose to deploy to a website or app you’re building, or leverage Wildfire’s turnkey shopping site fit to match your branding.

Curious about your potential technical lift? Download our Technical Integration Guide to learn how to work with our feeds.

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