Wildfire's Digital Coupons

Digital Coupons Get a Boost 

The idea of digital coupons is nothing new. But the difference with Wildfire’s white-label coupon platform is the ability to easily offer and apply coupons at critical points during the online shopping journey. 


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A New Age of Digital Coupons 

Implementing a successful coupon program has traditionally been difficult for content publishers. But with Wildfire, it's much easier. Working with us, you avoid:

  • High upfront costs
  • Platform management challenges
  • Attribution headaches
  • Building new affiliate relationships with merchants
  • Managing changed/expired merchant deals

If you’d like to improve the performance of your coupon program, or add digital coupons to your existing rewards program, there’s a better way with Wildfire’s enterprise-grade digital coupon solution.

73% of online shoppers are more interested than ever before in using digital coupons to save.
Get the full report revealing insights on changing consumer behavior in light of an uncertain economy.

Why it Works

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Instant Merchant Connections

Wildfire instantly connects your users to over 50,000 merchant rewards and coupon offers worldwide. Seamlessly expand your participation in affiliate marketing programs so you can offer digital coupons without submitting individual merchant applications or managing coupon offers manually. Plus, the Couponator feature automatically finds & applies the best available coupon as your customers shop, so they’ll enjoy even more benefit from your white-label digital coupon program.

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More Customer Value

A thriving digital coupon program should be a significant source of incremental revenue gains. Increase the value you provide and your connectedness with customers by offering a wide range of enticing and well-timed savings from thousands of online merchants.

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Unlocked Conversion Opportunities
Digital coupons should be a powerful conversion magnet, shown to online shoppers when it matters most in their shopping journey - at the beginning when they’re deciding where to shop AND at the end when it’s time to apply coupons. With Wildfire, your opportunity to surprise and delight customers with savings potential is far greater than those of traditional digital coupon programs.
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Your Brand Is Front & Center

Our white-label coupon solution allows you to deliver connected shopping experiences for users while maintaining your branding throughout. And our unique pricing model means there’s zero downside and minimal upfront cost to get started.

How it Works

Whether you're building a digital coupon program from scratch or need a customizable coupon platform to power more offers within your existing technology, Wildfire offers two solutions that can fit your needs.

Your customers are savvy.

They expect the best deals and user experience wherever they shop online.

The majority of consumers say they are “always” looking for deals when shopping. Give them what they expect and what your competitors cannot provide with a white-label rewards program built by Wildfire.

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