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The White-Label Loyalty and Rewards Platform

Two vital elements comprise a thriving shopping rewards loyalty program: industry-leading technology and a rich merchant network. Wildfire's white-label cashback rewards platform allows you to seamlessly offer features which help deliver the rewards experience to your customers at multiple touchpoints across both desktop and mobile. 

Our performance-based e-commerce shopping rewards platform is equipped with:

  • Integrated and standardized tracking
  • End-user attribution
  • Payment reconciliation across thousands of merchants

Plus, Wildfire's platform has the critical security certifications that meet the compliance standards of highly-regulated industries.

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White-label Browser Extensions

Our cashback browser extensions for mobile and desktop deliver powerful shopping rewards offers to your customers right as they are shopping on both desktop and mobile. Wildfire’s cashback browser extensions display offers as soon as a shopper lands on a participating merchant’s website. 

With your brand positioned as the source of rewards, it's never been easier to build customer loyalty.

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Cashback Rewards

We power turnkey cashback rewards programs for some of the world’s largest banks and technology companies. Our shopping rewards platform delivers instant access to evergreen cashback and rewards offers at more than 50,000 merchant programs worldwide, including some of the world’s largest retailers. With Wildfire’s white-label cashback platform, you can surface offers wherever your customers are - a portal in your mobile app or website, personalized emails, or any of your publishing channels.

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Shopping Sites

Shopping sites, aka rewards portals, are another way to deliver shopping rewards offers. Wildfire’s extensive relationships with major retailers and our flexible cashback rewards platform are the key ingredients for you to build a shopping rewards site that creates one more value-add for your rewards-hungry customers. With our APIs and JSON feeds, you can also create a custom “offer wall” that can be combined with your proprietary customer profiles to personalize, curate, and customize deals.

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Our patented Share+EarnSM feature motivates and rewards peer-to-peer product recommendations. Our clients and their customers earn a revenue share whenever someone shares a link that results in an order at thousands of online merchants. This loyalty feature is available with every Wildfire implementation we launch for our clients, increasing the reach and the incremental revenue of your cashback rewards program, and boosting new user acquisition.

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Coupon Alert is dark blue has a generic bank logo, coupon icon, 3 coupons found! and button that says 1 Click Apply.

Digital Coupons

Delivering well-timed digital coupons through a white-label browser extension or other rewards mechanism will lead to your customers completing more online purchases, resulting in higher incremental revenue from your shopping rewards program. Quickly implement our robust digital coupon offerings that handles integrated tracking and reporting.

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Messaging Monetization

Billions of times each day, people recommend products via digital messages. Wildfire harnesses digital word-of-mouth with patented technology that embeds product discovery within the context of messages. AI detects product mentions & purchase intent and generates shortcuts to merchants. No invasive and unnatural affiliate links to click. Messaging partners choose from client-side or server-side integration, enabled via Wildfire's SDKs and APIs.


Mobilesquared has produced a report that reveals the value of Messaging Contextual Shortcuts and Wildfire has made it available for free.

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Our Merchant Network

It’s important to work with a cashback rewards platform that’s partnered with as many online merchants as possible, so your customers can earn almost anywhere they shop. When you work with Wildfire, your rewards program can instantly deliver cashback and coupon offers from over 50,000 global merchant affiliate programs that we manage for you.

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