Why Wildfire?

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Stand apart from your competition with Wildfire's extensive merchant network of rewards. Your customers expect cashback, coupons, and offers when they shop. We can help you elevate their experience through a seamlessly integrated white label rewards and cashback platform. Your customers feel valued, and you earn more revenue in the process.

Custom solutions are effortless with our loyalty and rewards platform featuring easy-to-integrate tools that fit perfectly with your brand. Maybe we’ve piqued your interest, but you still have questions.

Here’s what you need to know about Wildfire’s platform and how it can work for your business.

1. What is Wildfire?

The first step to understanding Wildfire is understanding what it’s not. What you'll get is different from experiences with card-linked offers you may have tested in the past. Card-linked offers require users to register a credit card or re-register it to benefit from specific deals offered by particular merchants. Such deals are usually limited in terms of category, time, and geography.

Wildfire is a fully white-label loyalty and rewards platform to create and deliver world-class rewards, cashback, and loyalty programs to your customers. There are no third-party sites to register, cards to link, or unnatural purchasing paths to navigate. This means that your users will always have access to the freshest, best deals from over 50,000 Wildfire merchant programs. And they won’t have to go hunting for them.

Our technology can be deployed in various ways so that merchant deals can surface anywhere and everywhere. With Wildfire, you can build solutions for the following:

  • Desktop browsers

  • Mobile Browsers

  • Shopping portals

  • Contextual messaging and organic commerce 

Bringing together leading affiliate merchant reach with easily integrated technology, Wildfire lets businesses expand their cashback program in a matter of days, not months.

Learn more about how easy it is to work with our platform in our Technical Integration Guide.

Another thing about Wildfire is that our focus is beyond brick-and-mortar companies. This extensive coverage is unlike other shopping apps offering deals only on products from companies with physical stores. Why's that? Our aim is simple: find every Wildfire user valuable and relevant deals to improve their online shopping experience.

2. How will your customers benefit from Wildfire?


Customers today expect some form of a cashback reward. We’re here to help you deliver fresh deals to customers as they shop normally, without ever disrupting their online buying journey. Our turnkey cashback rewards program will give your customers instant access to relevant offers from our growing network of over 50,000 e-commerce merchant programs – including some of the world’s largest retailers.

Share and Earn

Our patented Share+Earn℠ feature rewards customers for any product recommendations they’ve made through peer-to-peer organic online messaging. The referring customer will earn a revenue share when their product recommendation leads to purchases.


Similar to cashback, users expect incentives on purchases. With Wildfire, you can quickly implement a robust coupon platform.

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3. What will you gain as a partner?

When you partner with Wildfire, you gain the power of primacy. Capture your customers’ interest first and best- and do it earlier in the buying journey than your competitors. 

If you're a partner with proprietary payment tenders, we’ll ensure you are the first thing your customers see when they arrive at a merchant website, or sometimes even earlier. For customers that begin their shopping journey with a Google search, Wildfire surfaces offers through our Chrome browser extension on search engine results pages- before the customer has even landed on a merchant's site. 

Overall, the services we provide for our partners will help them acquire and retain customers. Our services enhance customer experience by rewarding every customer for their loyalty, along the way generating substantial incremental revenue from purchases that would not otherwise have occurred had it not been for the incentivized interaction.

4. What is our business model?

Along with minimal setup and maintenance fees to ensure your program is always functioning at the highest level, we operate on a revenue share business model. A revenue share model means we make money when you make money, and we share both risks and rewards with our partners. 

Wildfire is intended to be an EASY investment with BIG long-term results, with little downside or risk for our partners. We price every contract individually to ensure that your profitability goals are secured first and foremost.

5. How easy is it to integrate?

Again, unlike card linking services that are often costly, time-consuming, and require a long process with the bank or card issuer's data center, our integration process is short and straightforward. You won't need to do any heavy engineering activity.

Our APIs make it simple for partners to integrate with the solutions we offer. Think hours to days instead of weeks-to-months for most standard implementations.

6. What is our merchant coverage, and how do we establish merchant relationships?

Right now, our merchant coverage stands at over 50,000 merchant programs, the largest network in the world. The majority of the merchants in our network are presently located in North America, specifically in the United States. 

We establish merchant program relationships by aggregating the most profitable relationships through affiliate networks and direct relationships with some of the largest retailers in the world. Think of Wildfire as a network of networks. 

Our merchant network keeps growing because of the value we offer. Merchants are always seeking new and more efficient ways to expand their marketing programs. Although affiliate marketing is one of the most influential and profitable marketing channels for retailers, it's getting increasingly tough to grow existing programs. 

Wildfire provides merchants with a solution that allows them to scale up their programs swiftly. The platform does this by expanding offer distribution and potential audiences at scale. And that's without spending unnecessary time and money building out partnerships with publishers one after the other. 

7. Are there mobile and desktop extensions?

We have a mobile extension for Apple’s Safari browser. In September 2021, we launched the first white-label loyalty and cashback platform for mobile Safari browser extensions. 

The new white-label mobile Safari browser extension allows Wildfire's partners to include rewards, cashback offers, and social commerce into existing customer journeys on their iPhones. This process enables partners to earn from everyday social sharing and purchases while increasing customer loyalty and retention.

While there's currently no Chrome enablement for Android users, we've developed a solution that gives a mobile Chrome user an experience similar to that of an iPhone user. We created this solution ourselves and have now patented it.

Wildfire’s bread-and-butter is the desktop Chrome extension, a solution that suits everyone's needs.

We are the only company in our space offering our partners a solution that spans mobile Chrome, mobile Safari browser, and desktop users.

Composition of Purple 3D clay devices showing the product offerings. Left to Right mobile devices with alert and laptop with search engine results.


8. How do we ensure data privacy?

Your customers deserve an experience they can trust. Wildfire has put a stake in the ground not to be a data-driven company. While other tech companies will promise the world free in return for mountains of customer data, we chose a different route.

At Wildfire, we monetize the transaction and nothing else.

The bottom line is, we do not obtain any personally identifiable information during transactions. We tokenize your customers, and then your interface decodes the information on your end.

Card issuers, banks, and software companies face heavy regulations to protect consumer data. If we see or keep that information, the vendor onboarding process is much more complex. When we don’t have to deal with consumer data, adoption becomes a breeze. You know that your customer’s data is safe.

We also have a strict chain of custody when dealing with the transaction data we do have access to. We discuss every detail with you during the onboarding process, so you know what to expect. We also put many measures in place, including policies, operational procedures, and technical methods, to ensure that your consumers’ data is always protected.

9. How is the project scope defined?

So you’ve decided you’re ready to expand your cashback program. Congrats! Wildfire’s Execution Team is there to help define a project scope complete with a roadmap to implementation and success.

During the course of a few scope planning meetings, we'll develop the scope document, which will define what is expected of each party. With this work definition, we'll both be clear about what your project entails, how we should take actions, and when we should take them. That way, your project runs smoothly.

10. How can you market Wildfire effectively to users?

You’re sold on the solution, but what about your customers? Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of implementing the Wildfire solution has little to do with the actual solution itself.

If your customers aren’t excited about their new cashback opportunities, your profitability ceiling becomes severely limited. It’s integral to adapt a marketing strategy that positions your new cashback loyalty solution as a low-effort, high-value opportunity to save money and generate rewards.

But don’t worry! You don’t have to become an expert in marketing a browser extension overnight. We can help you build excitement for your new solution quickly and develop a set of goals for long-term success. Our marketing team works with you to develop a feasible marketing budget and a playbook to reach targeted KPIs.

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It’s Time to Get Started

With Wildfire’s white label solution, your customers will see yours as a brand that is elevated among the competition. We've answered the ten most popular questions that prospective partners ask about our solutions when considering coming on board.

We are committed to transparency and your success. The world of cashback is being revolutionized with technology and changing consumer habits and expectations. 

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