Plug Into the Future of Cashback and Rewards

To you, it’s a desktop or mobile browser extension that drives incremental revenue. To your customers, it’s an irreplaceable shopping companion. Give your customers the tool to secure the best offers online, all while being connected closer than ever to your business.

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Own Your Customers’ Buying Journey

Cashback and rewards for shopping online are now simply expected by consumers. A cashback browser extension white-labeled to your brand means your brand is the one bringing your customers superior value and convenience earlier in the buying journey, wherever they shop online.  

Wildfire’s white-label browser extensions, available for mobile or desktop online shopping, instantly connect to over 50,000 merchant programs. Together, we can strengthen customer loyalty and improve your customers’ experience with this smart shopping companion.

Consumers Are Increasing Browser Extension Use

74% of online shoppers who have added a browser extension to save money report using it frequently. Get insights like this in our latest consumer shopping trends report.

Why Choose a Wildfire Cashback Browser Extension?


Versatile: Our cashback rewards solutions adapt to any business model, product, or pre-existing program you may have. But the beauty of the turnkey white-label Wildfire cashback extension is in its readiness for deployment.

Cross-Platform: Wildfire’s browser extensions are available for desktop and mobile browsers. They are the ultimate delivery vehicle for rewards and cashback offers across tens of thousands of merchant sites on whatever device your customer is using.

Flexible: We offer fully turnkey extensions, pre-built browser extension templates with cashback functionality included, or even raw datafeeds and APIs with thousands of cashback and coupon offers to build your own custom cashback rewards product from the ground up. 

Option 1: Turnkey Browser Extensions
Technical Effort:  Low
Customization: Branding

Have limited resources and want to launch your cashback program quickly? Our turnkey browser extensions are best for clients who want the fastest deployment with the least amount of development effort.

Just give us your branding & assets, and we’ll build a white-label cashback browser extension, then publish to the appropriate app store(s) and handle ongoing maintenance. 

You get a ready-to-launch, branded product that simply works, with the in-demand cashback rewards features that customers now expect.

Learn about our turnkey white-label browser extensions.

Option 2: Browser Extension Launchpad
Technical Effort: Medium-High
Customization: Branding, Functionality

Want something a little more custom but don't want to build an extension completely from scratch? Wildfire’s Extension Launchpad provides clients with pre-built components & functions of our cashback rewards platform. Build your own cashback feature or extension, using our codebase as a starting point that offers more control than our turnkey extensions, but requires less coding than working with our raw datafeeds and APIs.

Launch customer-centric cashback features more easily and without investing the time to code them from scratch or learn the nuances of the cashback space.

Read more about the Extension Launchpad.

Option 3: Custom Browser Extensions
Technical Effort: High
Customization: Completely customizable

Do you have a completely new vision for how you want to build out your cashback rewards extension or product? We can work with DIY’ers too! Just use our datafeeds, APIs, and SDKs to start. From there, your team controls the entire buildout of your extension. But of course, we’re here to help you along the way.

Use our robust merchant data feeds and transaction APIs to integrate your desired cashback features and/or coupon data into your custom-built product.

Get more info about our datafeeds and APIs.

The Wildfire Extension: Why it Works

Natural Buying Journey
Fit to the Natural Buying Journey

With a white-label browser extension, your brand is aligned with the way customers already shop. Our network of over 50,000 merchant programs ensures customers will automatically see coupons and cashback offers when they’re naturally browsing a merchant’s site. No extra steps required.

100% White-Label for Reinforced Branding
100% White-Label for Reinforced Branding

To create deeper connections with customers, your tool has to be wholly and totally yours. That means when you launch a Wildfire-powered browser extension, your branding is the only thing your customers see. It’s not “Wildfire” or another third party offering valuable rewards or cashback at tens of thousands of stores. It’s your brand, through-and-through.

Revenue Share Pricing Model
Revenue Share Pricing Model

Our unique revenue share model means there’s zero downside and minimal upfront cost to get started. Our success follows yours, and we put our skin in the game. Don’t let the prospect of towering upfront costs impede your program’s launch or success. With Wildfire, you can kick off an industry-leading cashback or other rewards program from scratch in days, not months.

Instant Merchant Connections for Program Visibility
Instant Merchant Connections for Program Visibility

Not only is browser extension technology critical to a thriving cashback program, but without a strong network of online stores, your program will fall flat. With Wildfire, instantly connect your users to the most trafficked online merchants worldwide. Seamlessly revolutionize your affiliate marketing efforts without submitting individual applications to merchants or managing offers manually.

Increased Profitability

A thriving cashback program should be a significant source of incremental revenue gains. Rewards and cashback programs exist to encourage sales that might not have occurred without a targeted push. Our technology and merchant relationships ensure partners receive commissions when customers make purchases online.

OctoShop Case Study

How Did OctoShop Kick-Start their Cashback Affiliate Program?

Learn how OctoShop scaled their cashback program 300% practically overnight with a Wildfire-powered browser extension.
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Your customers are savvy.

They expect the best deals and user experience wherever they shop online. Give them that and more with a Wildfire white-label browser extension. 

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