Share+Earn Social Commerce

Make Recommendations Better with Share+Earn.

With Wildfire’s Share+EarnSM feature, monetize the peer-to-peer recommendations that your customers are already making. Turn those organic referrals, product shares, and recommendations into social commerce that rewards your customers and further drives their loyalty.

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What Is Share+Earn?

Share+Earn makes it seamless for your customers to make organic referrals and product recommendations that reward their loyalty, while boosting your bottom line at the same time.

Wildfire’s Share+Earn feature allows your cashback rewards program to expand incremental revenue generation. Your customers simply copy and share their organic referral links, and referred purchases automatically attribute valuable shopping rewards back to the original referrer. 

Why it Works

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Monetize Word of Mouth

Long understood as the most valuable marketing tactic, now you have a tool to directly influence and reward word-of-mouth recommendations happening between your customers and their social circle.


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Everybody wins with organic referrals

Merchants, too, are thrilled to be able to reward your customers for their valuable word of mouth recommendations, and as a Wildfire partner with Share+Earn integrated into your shopping rewards solution, you also earn your fair share for referred purchases your customers drive. 

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Anything but “salesy”

Share+Earn tracking and attribution works completely in the background in the natural flow of text-based conversation, so no one feels they’re being “sold to.” Your customers win with extra cashback from their friends’ purchases, and you win too with incremental revenue from those very same purchases.

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More merchant connections, more rewards

The Wildfire white-label loyalty platform automatically connects your community to over 50,000 merchant programs. Your customers will reap the rewards of a more natural referral strategy with the products and brands they’re already recommending organically and authentically. 

How can you monetize your community's organic recommendations while rewarding your customers?

Learn how you can easily add this form of social commerce to your site or app.

How it Works

Using the Share+Earn Feature is easy for both businesses and customers. 

Here’s how:

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Step 1

Customer adds your white-labeled shopping extension to their browser.
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Step 2

Customer visits a merchant website and clicks the share button that pops up with the extension.
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Step 3

Customer organically shares their recommendations on social media, in text, email, etc. 

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Step 4

Tracking and attribution is baked into the technology. No messy affiliate link creation.
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Step 5

Wildfire captures and tracks any resulting transaction. 

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Step 6

Credit for the sale is given to the referring customer. 

Ready to start monetizing the word of mouth recommendations your customers are sharing every single day?

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