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Turnkey Browser Extensions

The Fastest Path to Cashback

Wildfire’s white-label turnkey browser extensions are designed for our clients who want the fastest time-to-market for their rewards program.

The development process is completely hands-off for you. All we need is your branding & assets, and we’ll handle the end-to-end buildout of your fully branded cashback browser extension, creating a finished product that you can begin offering to your user customers quickly.

Turnkey_Browser_Extensions-For_Every_Major_Browser app icons from left to right Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox


Extensions for Every Major Browser

We can build turnkey, branded desktop cashback browser extensions for:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Firefox  

Looking for a mobile cashback rewards solution? We offer: 

  • Mobile Safari Extensions for iOS
  • Mobile Cashback Alerts for Android

Our Turnkey Cashback Browser Extensions Include:

Icon to reflectCashback Offer Alerts (green mono-linear icon with a hand and three person torsos floating above it)
Cashback Offer Alerts

As customers shop with your browser extension enabled, they can see offers on almost any online retail site they visit. Our merchant network features tens of thousands of merchants, to delight your customers as they shop nearly anywhere online.

Icon to reflect Coupon Auto-Apply (green mono-linear icon with $ inside a circle that has many lines and smaller circles extending beyond it)
Coupon Auto-Apply

With "The Couponator" feature, our browser extension automatically detects when customers arrive at checkout pages. Then, it automatically applies the best available coupon to their cart. This saves customers more money, and increases conversion rates, helping you capture more merchant commissions.

Icon to reflect Search Results Page Alerts (green mono-linear icon with two hands and a coin with $ and three stars above it)
Search Results Page Alerts

Your cashback browser extension helps influence consumer behavior even before they know what store to shop at.  Cashback reward alerts display inline with Google search results page for participating merchants, allowing your customers to make smart shopping decisions based on the best available cashback offer.

Icon to reflect Share and Earn (green mono-linear shopping cart with dollar sign, shopping bag, and messaging, and plus icon surrrounding)

Reward your customers for their recommendations. With our Share+Earn technology, customers can share custom referral links with tracking & attribution built in, and earn additional cashback when their social circle buys from the links.

Customer Earnings & Payouts

Our turnkey cashback browser extensions also include an Earnings Dashboard, accessible from right within the extension itself. Here, customers can view a transaction log to check the status of all their orders and cashback earnings.

So how do customers actually receive their accrued cashback?  We offer two ways for our clients to handle customer cashback payouts:

Automatic Monthly Payout

To keep things simple for your turnkey cashback browser extension, Wildfire will pay your customers on your behalf automatically each month.

You Handle Payments to Users

Alternately, you may require cashback earnings and payouts to be directed into your existing system, so you can pay your customers.  It requires some coding, but you can simply integrate with our secure transaction API to capture the payout information you need.

Deliver the cashback rewards your customers are looking for.

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Need something a bit more customizable?

We offer two other solutions upon which you can build a more custom cashback browser extension or product. See if one of these fits the bill!

  • Extension Launchpad: Access pre-built components & functions of our cashback rewards platform to get a head start building your own cashback feature or extension.
  • JSON Datafeeds and APIs:  Use our robust merchant and offer datafeeds to power your own custom cashback rewards or coupons solution.