Browser Extension Launchpad

A Head Start to Cashback Rewards

We made it easy for clients to build custom browser extensions leveraging cashback and rewards, without needing to figure out the complexities of the space.

If you have limited resources for a fully custom solution, Launchpad provides a starting point. It offers more branding & UI control than our turnkey cashback browser extensions, but requires less coding than working with our feeds.

Now anyone can launch cashback into their product without knowing the nuances of affiliate marketing and cashback!



Extension_Launchpad_Hero_Image Purple Clay Laptop Mockup with internet browser side by side with coding window)


Network of merchant logos surrounding the wildfire logo to represent instant access to our massive merchant network


Easily Develop Your Own Cashback Rewards Extension

We provide our pre-built browser extension codebase as a jumping-off point for you to build your own cashback rewards program or cashback browser extension. You get:

  • in-demand, customer-centric cashback and rewards features
  • instant access to our massive merchant network
  • immediate compatibility with the major affiliate networks, aligned with each one's nuanced rules

Select From These Browser Extension Features

Pick and choose which features you deploy in your own cashback browser extension or product. 
Icon to reflect Cashback Offer Alerts (green mono-linear icon with dollars in a circle and a circle arrow surrounding)

Cashback Offer Alerts

Display well-timed cashback alert opportunities on thousands of eligible merchants, delighting customers with cashback almost anywhere
Icon to reflect Coupon Auto-Apply (green mono-linear shopping cart with dollar sign, shopping bag, and messaging, and plus icon surrrounding)

Coupon Auto-Apply

Auto-apply the best available merchant coupon at checkout, saving customers money and increasing conversion rates, to help you capture more merchant commissions
Icon to reflect Search Results Page Alerts (green mono-linear icon with $ inside a circle that has many lines and smaller circles extending beyond it)

Search Results Page Alerts

Show customers the available cashback reward alerts inline with Google search results, helping them make smart shopping decisions based on the best available cashback offer

Built-In Expert-Level Cashback Functionality

Our Browser Extension Launchpad already includes critical functionality that allows you to enjoy built-in affiliate program compliance and other benefits without needing to figure out the complexities on your own.
Icon to reflect Extension Launchpad Stand-down Compliance (green mono-linear icon of two pages with lines on them and a magnifying glass with a checkmark inside stacked on top)
Stand-down compliance with each affiliate network’s requirements, ensuring positive merchant relationships
Icon to reflect Extension Launchpad Ad Blocker (green mono-linear icon of a mobile phone that says AD with a cross out line)
Ad-blocker detection and alerts to help customers know if an ad-blocker will affect their ability to earn cashback
Icon to reflect Extension Launchpad Regional (green mono-linear icon of the earth with global pins on it)
Regional compatibility for multi-country merchants, for customization as needed where your customers shop

Get a head start on delivering cashback and money-saving rewards to your customers.

Enjoy faster time-to-market with a boost from Extension Launchpad, without the hassle of creating merchant relationships or unraveling the complexities of the affiliate space. Learn how you can get started today.
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Looking for something else to solve your cashback program needs? 

We offer two other cashback browser extension solutions with different levels of technical effort. See if one of these fits the bill!

  • Turnkey Browser Extensions: Enjoy the fastest path to cashback rewards with a browser extension we build and manage for you.
  • JSON Datafeeds and APIs:  Use our robust merchant and offer datafeeds to power your own custom cashback rewards or coupons solution.