We turn customers into brand loyalists for 30,000 merchant partners, and counting

We Turn Customers Into Brand Loyalists for 30,000 Merchant Partners, and Counting

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Why Merchants Work with Wildfire

Smart merchants are continually looking for ways to grow their marketing programs in more efficient ways. Affiliate programs are one of the most efficient and high-ROI marketing channels for retailers, but finding growth and incrementality in these existing programs is becoming increasingly difficult. Wildfire offers merchants a solution that quickly ramps-up their programs by increasing offer distribution and prospective audiences at scale, without needing to spend excessive time and money building out relationships publisher by publisher.
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What Makes Us Different?

We connect a network of worldwide merchants to publishers monetizing the customer’s natural shopping journey, making it easy for merchants to expand their reach and incrementally grow their program results with minimal effort.
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We’re more than just links. Our platform includes a suite of tools that get to the forefront of the customer’s buying experience.
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No individual applications. Partnering with Wildfire means you have instant access to thousands of merchants worldwide.
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Our revenue-sharing model means we make money when you do. And with so many merchants in every vertical, surfacing timely and relevant offers that convert has never been easier.
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The Power of Our Network

A community where publishers and merchants grow better, together

For publishers, we nurture and strengthen relationships with leading merchants giving your users the ability to earn cashback and rewards from more of the places they shop. More opportunities for your users to purchase means more revenue you earn as the source of customer acquisition. Unlock more than 30,000 worldwide merchants in a single step by partnering with Wildfire.

For merchants, working with Wildfire drives new customer acquisition, decreases cart abandonment, and increases average order value. Realize sustainable incremental revenue at scale with a fraction of the effort.

Join the next generation of loyalty and rewards

Discover what our robust network can do for you.

Chat with our merchant development team or learn how the Wildfire platform can work with your technology