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Shopping Smarter, Not Harder (Infographic)

Amidst ongoing inflation and high prices, consumers are changing their shopping behaviors. Our recent whitepaper, "Shopping in the New Normal: Responding to New Consumer Habits That Are Here to Stay," measured the impact of today’s economy and inflationary environment on shopping behavior, and consumer sentiment towards a variety of savings tools and tactics. For example, 74% of respondents increased their use of money-saving approaches for online shopping last year. 


These changes in behavior are important for businesses to understand so they can meet their customers where they are and deliver the money-saving tools in demand today. Tactics such as redeeming digital coupons and using cashback rewards browser extensions are favored by more and more value-seeking, technically-advanced consumers.

  • 3 in 4 consumers report being more interested in cashback rewards and coupons than ever before
  • Almost half of online shoppers have added a browser extension to their web browser; of these, 74% use an extension frequently to save money when shopping online
  • 87% of consumers expect their new shopping habits to stick going forward 

The following infographic based on data from our whitepaper illustrates just how much consumer shopping behavior has changed as high prices and economic uncertainty persist (Click to download the full infographic.)





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Published by Erica Forrette July 3, 2023
Erica Forrette