Andy Newman
By Andy Newman
on November 02, 2022
In late October, Money20/20 USA was back, with an estimated 8,000 participants from 94 countries, and 3,000 companies converging on a chilly Las Vegas. Attendees were there looking to meet market ...
Shawn Conahan
By Shawn Conahan
on September 12, 2022
Recently, I had the pleasure of participating in a webinar from The Fintech Times along with Georgy Sokolov, Co-Founder and VP of Partnerships at Wirex; and Natasha Zurnamer, CEO of Optty. The topic ...
Michele Maley
By Michele Maley
on June 28, 2022
Before entering any sort of partnership, the companies on both sides usually want to understand the partnership's potential value and return on their investment. Creating an ROI model for a cashback ...
Jason Fuentes
By Jason Fuentes
on February 07, 2022
Just a few years ago, apps owned by Google and Meta (a.k.a. Facebook) accounted for 80% of the apps on our phones’ home screens: Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Google Calendar, Maps, ...