Nancy Bacon
By Nancy Bacon
on August 21, 2023
With margin pressure from increasing customer acquisition and retention costs, banks are increasingly focusing on improving their unit economics to optimize profitability and ensure sustainable ...
Erica Forrette
By Erica Forrette
on August 09, 2023
In light of ever-higher customer expectations and higher churn rates, it's imperative for financial institutions to devise a strategic approach to effectively engaging and retaining their customers.
Erica Forrette
By Erica Forrette
on March 16, 2023
In Q4 2022, according to Comscore, mobile commerce sales set a new record. M-commerce accounted for 38% of the total online sales in Q4 2022, reaching a new all-time high of $127.5 billion.
Shawn Conahan
By Shawn Conahan
on December 12, 2022
At October’s Money20/20 USA event in Las Vegas, I met with 26 banks and other financial services companies. Do you know what ALL of them said? Literally all of the consumer-facing financial ...
Andy Newman
By Andy Newman
on November 02, 2022
In late October, Money20/20 USA was back, with an estimated 8,000 participants from 94 countries, and 3,000 companies converging on a chilly Las Vegas. Attendees were there looking to meet market ...
Erica Forrette
By Erica Forrette
on August 31, 2022
In today’s modern banking world, banks understand that they need to move beyond merely having a transactional relationship with their customers. To accomplish this, they need to increase customer ...
Jason Fuentes
By Jason Fuentes
on February 07, 2022
Just a few years ago, apps owned by Google and Meta (a.k.a. Facebook) accounted for 80% of the apps on our phones’ home screens: Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Google Calendar, Maps, ...