Jase Thomson
By Jase Thomson
on April 07, 2022
With the release of iOS 15, Apple took a leap forward, carving a path for mobile browser extensions by introducing iOS Safari app extensions. These extensions enhance users’ browsing experience by ...
Erica Forrette
By Erica Forrette
on March 01, 2022
Wildfire has recently released a new feature for our white-label cashback rewards platform that will further improve the customer experience for shoppers. Named the Alternate Merchant Alert, this new ...
Ian Miller
By Ian Miller
on November 11, 2021
An overlooked tactic of growing your affiliate program is ensuring your site is compliant with all the major network and publisher requirements for customer privacy. In light of increased scrutiny ...
Ian Miller
By Ian Miller
on September 21, 2021
At WWDC this year, Apple announced something that got a LOT of people excited:  with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, mobile Safari extensions would be available. For many years, extensions for desktop browsers ...