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Alternate Merchant Alerts: New to the Wildfire White-Label Cashback Platform

Wildfire has recently released a new feature for our white-label cashback rewards platform that will further improve the customer experience for shoppers. Named the Alternate Merchant Alert, this new feature is available now. Alternate Merchant Alerts will increase the cashback earnings opportunities for our partners’ end-user customers, as well as the revenue potential for partners to earn from their customers’ online shopping.

The Alternate Merchant Alert, or “AMA,” is a new feature available in Wildfire's white-label Chrome extension and iOS Safari extension. 

More Opportunities to Earn

Our white-label cashback browser extensions already display Eligible Merchant Alerts to shoppers browsing sites where there is an opportunity for them to earn cashback rewards on their e-commerce purchases:

eligible-merchant-alert-cashback-browser-extensionAnd now, the Alternate Merchant Alert operates on sites which don’t offer cashback.

Now, if a shopper visits a site where there is no cashback available, our browser extensions will display closely-related alternate merchants which do offer cashback on purchases so that savvy shoppers can decide to shop where they can maximize their rewards.

For example, if a customer visits Home Depot, but that site does not have a cashback offer available, the browser extension will instead display relevant alternate sites with available cashback - in this case Ace Hardware and Vevor Tools:


Benefits All Around

  • Great for Users: The Alternate Merchant Alert enhances the usefulness of the white-label cashback browser extensions which our partners use for their own cashback loyalty programs because now our partners’ customers have the potential to earn cashback rewards on a purchase where one might not have originally existed. 
  • Great for Wildfire Partners: In addition, the Alternate Merchant Alert expands the opportunity for our partners to earn incremental revenue by presenting the opportunity for a cashback-generating transaction where one might not have otherwise occurred.
  • Great for Merchants: And finally, the Alternate Merchant Alert benefits the merchants in our network, by boosting brand discovery and expanding their exposure and potential for a sale to customers already in-market for products from a similar retailer in their vertical.

A Complete Shopping Companion 

Wildfire’s white-label cashback browser extensions already deliver shoppers cashback deals and offers that are perfectly timed during a shopping journey, and easy for shoppers to activate.

The addition of the Alternate Merchant Alert will help consumers learn of ways to earn cashback at more merchants, improving their shopping experience. In turn, the increased cashback opportunities add more value for our partners’ cashback rewards programs.


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Published by Erica Forrette March 1, 2022
Erica Forrette