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The Easy Way to Add Digital Coupons to Your Customer Offering

As consumers are increasingly concerned about price increases and their effect on household budgets, more and more of them are turning to digital coupons as a way to save more money when shopping online. 

According to PYMNTS, 44% of U.S. adults say finding better deals has become a much more, if not the most, important factor when shopping. And a Wildfire survey revealed that 61% of online shoppers reported that they “often or always” look for coupons to save money on their purchases.

Digital coupons are in-demand, and if you can give your customers a seamless coupon experience, then all the better.

Wildfire’s auto-apply digital coupon functionality, The Couponator, is now available as a stand-alone module you can add to your own products to offer your customers digital coupons that can be auto-applied at thousands of online retailers.

Why It's Hard To Get Digital Coupons Right

Affiliate networks are effectively large-scale digital coupon platforms, where publishers can retrieve digital coupon codes and offers from brands. If your site or product features money-saving strategies for consumers, sourcing digital coupon codes from an affiliate marketing network is one way to deliver coupon codes and offers to your customers. 

You can also subscribe to a digital coupon aggregator, which offers a digital coupon datafeed from many participating brands and affiliate networks.

But beware, sometimes these digital coupon platforms might still include broken or expired coupons in their coupon feed. And if user-generated coupons are included, these can also result in an error message when the shopper tries to use them at a retailer’s site. (How many times have you tried to use a code you randomly found on a third-party coupon code website, and it didn’t work?)

The biggest piece missing from these digital coupon feeds? The ability to detect when a shopper is at the checkout page, and deliver the most relevant, best available coupon to their cart - all without that shopper leaving the retailer’s cart. 

How The Couponator is Different For Digital Coupons

Wildfire’s Couponator takes coupon feed data provided by digital coupon platforms one step further. We took the elements of our white-label cashback browser extension that enables this auto-apply coupon functionality and made it available as code which can easily be integrated to other products. 

With this code, you can integrate a product feature into your own customer offering that can detect and auto-apply the best coupon to the user’s shopping cart, at tens of thousands of merchants. 

And you can rest easy knowing that our coupon codes are up-to-date. We enforce strict data quality measures to ensure we don’t show an inactive coupon to end-users, and weed out any broken coupons. 

Finally, we don’t just give you code and wish you the best. We work with each client to guide them with best practices for customizing and using our Couponator functionality.

Seamless Coupon Application, to Delight Your Customers

Adding the Couponator to your product is a great way to boost the user experience for customers by helping them save money when shopping online - automatically. And the best news is, you don’t have to identify when a user is on a checkout page, learn how shopping carts work, or build a huge merchant network on your own - this is all included in our code.

You’ll also enjoy competitive differentiation. Digital coupon auto-apply functionality currently only exists in a select few products (such as Wildfire’s browser extensions and Honey, Paypal, etc.). By adding seamless digital coupon application for your users as they shop, you’ll differentiate your product against others in your category. 


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Published by Erica Forrette April 4, 2023
Erica Forrette