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Optimize Your Rewards Program with Marketing Attribution from Jump Track

As a company offering a rewards program to your customers, you likely invest significant resources into rewards program marketing across various channels. But are you able to effectively measure which campaigns are driving the most new installs and engagement? If not, you're missing out on valuable marketing attribution data.

Without granular user acquisition tracking, you might keep allocating spend based on guesswork rather than data-driven insights about what's working and what's not. But to address this challenge, Wildfire’s rewards platform provides a powerful marketing attribution solution called Jump Track. 

Jump Track allows you to precisely track install attribution to help optimize your rewards program marketing efforts.

How Jump Track Works

We originally created Jump Track to help redirect users to the correct app store or web store page for their browser extension, depending on their browser type.

A click on a Jump Track link identifies the user's browser and automatically redirects them to the appropriate extension store. This streamlines the landing page experience by featuring a single call-to-action (CTA) for users to obtain the extension, rather than multiple CTAs for each potential extension store.

Now, we’ve evolved the way Jump Track can be applied to help track marketing effectiveness. 

Jump Track utilizes a custom link structure with special tracking parameters instead of generic UTMs. This enables packing multiple campaign details into a single string for much richer user attribution data.

To create a Jump Track link, you'll include your program's app ID and a custom "install_channel" parameter identifying that specific campaign, in any customer-facing marketing. 

For example, for a link to your cashback browser extension install page in your April 2024 newsletter, you could use the following parameter:

You can make these parameters as descriptive as needed for better campaign tracking (as long as it's "url friendly," e.g. designed to be easily readable and interpretable within a URL - no spaces or special / non-ASCII characters):


Leveraging Jump Track Data for Marketing Attribution

The Jump Track systems enables to you collect metrics for your installation sources according to tracking parameters you defined. This marketing analytics data makes it easy to identify your top-performing channels and campaigns for optimizing your rewards program marketing strategy.

If you see a newsletter campaign driving high sign-ups but a social ad underperforming, you’ll know that you might need to reallocate budget. The data allows you to iteratively optimize your marketing mix over time based on actual attribution numbers.


Use Jump Track for Marketing Results & Insights

Jump Track eliminates ambiguity around acquisition sources and puts you in control of making data-driven decisions for marketing optimization. By precisely measuring your rewards program marketing, you can more strategically optimize it, to derive the maximum value from your marketing budgets and efforts to efficiently grow your rewards program.


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Published by Jennifer Blanton April 26, 2024
Jennifer Blanton