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Wildfire's Rewards Platform Update: New Products, New Security Certifications

Wildfire continues to innovate with new products along with security enhancements to solidify our position as the leading white-label cashback rewards platform. Today, we announced two new products for clients building cashback rewards programs, and our attainment of two critical Information Security certifications which prove our commitment to meeting and exceeding strict industry-standard Information Security practices. 

Browser Extension Launchpad

Wildfire's Extension Launchpad is the first white-label cashback rewards solution that enables companies to quickly build and deploy their own cashback rewards browser extensions using Wildfire’s proven technology platform to get a head start.  

Launching a robust cashback browser extension is complicated, requiring companies to:

  1. have an extensive merchant network so that end-user shoppers can be delighted with cashback almost anywhere they shop online
  2. be aware of and stay compliant with complicated affiliate network rules; they can be difficult and time consuming for companies to build from the ground up   

Extension Launchpad addresses these challenges by including the core shopping features of Wildfire’s flagship cashback rewards browser extensions.  Launchpad provides clients with pre-built components that support cashback and coupon functions at tens of thousands of merchants, and come with baked-in compliance with affiliate network policies.

In essence, clients who want to build their own cashback browser extension, can now use Wildfire’s codebase as a jumping-off point without having to get too "in the weeds" worrying about securing merchants, and keeping up-to-date with ever changing affiliate policies. 

Boosted Offers

Wildfire’s Boosted Offers program allows our clients to allocate a special budget to temporarily enhance the cashback rewards their customers can earn at select merchants. In effect, this feature enables clients to “boost up” the cashback earnings available to their customers. 

Clients simply work with Wildfire to determine the budget and the merchants to apply it to, and Wildfire’s platform handles the rest. 

How it works: Say a merchant typically offers 2% cashback on purchases made through the Wildfire platform. A client can increase this payout to 4% but instead of the merchant paying the additional 2 points on the customer’s purchase (which is how cashback is usually funded), the client themselves will fund the increase.

How clients can use it: Boosted Offers helps our clients with a tool that can help them drive cashback program engagement by incentivizing customers with higher cashback rewards.

The benefits clients can recognize include: 

  1. Increased signup and participation in cashback programs by highlighting a higher cashback payout for a limited time at select merchants (e.g. "earn double the cashback at these popular merchants this month only.")
  2. Differentiation of their cashback program with higher payout rates
  3. Higher offer activation and completed order volume (and thus higher revenue from their cashback program) by increasing payouts on select merchants in certain categories at strategic times (e.g. “BBQ grill vendors in June”)

Two New Information Security Certifications

Wildfire now has SOC 2® Type II Compliance and PCI SAQ-A Attestation. These are two critical Information Security programs which provide our partners with clear documentation of our commitment to securely and accurately providing service to client organizations.  

What are they?

SOC is the methodology adopted by the AICPA to define "system and organization controls" that provide an indication of the security posture and process maturity of a participating organization. These controls cover a wide range of items, ranging from fraud and risk assessments to security training for employees and code review practices within the engineering organization.

PCI stands for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which is a set of security standards designed to ensure that companies maintain a secure environment for transactions. With this standard, we attest that we ensure that any data that we process is appropriately protected, monitored and audited so that our systems have no way to violate PCI standards.

Why are they important?

Wildfire’s attainment of these certifications proves our commitment to meeting and exceeding strict industry-standard Information Security steps. 

Wildfire is an enterprise-grade platform serving the largest financial institutions and other companies on the planet. These clients trust us with their mission-critical consumer-facing products, and reliability is important. Matching our bullet-proof technology, these certifications demonstrate our adherence to the strict processes and controls that further ensure Wildfire is the gold standard in the loyalty and rewards industry.

We're excited to be able to announce these new cashback rewards platform features, plus our successful earning of two critical Information Security certifications, all of which offer value to clients and continued confidence in Wildfire. We look forward to continuing to level-up our enterprise-grade platform with additional enhancements and security features in the near future.

Want a more detailed peek under the hood of these new features?    Set up an exploratory meeting with one of our product experts today for a more personalized walk-through of Wildfire's rewards platform.


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Published by Erica Forrette February 15, 2023
Erica Forrette