Ian Miller
By Ian Miller
on December 18, 2023
It’s official: Google recently announced that Chrome will phase out support for third-party cookies, aka 3P cookies, over the next year.
Erica Forrette
By Erica Forrette
on December 12, 2023
Company enables consumers to earn and save money which is essential in the current economy
Andrew Jurgenson
By Andrew Jurgenson
on December 11, 2023
Sometimes our clients’ customers activate cashback through a Wildfire-powered cashback browser extension, only to later lose out on earning rewards if the attribution for the sale gets lost along the ...
Erica Forrette
By Erica Forrette
on November 30, 2023
Card-linked offers and online shopping rewards programs such as cashback rewards, are incentives that businesses can use to drive customer behavior to achieve their goals.
Kyle Kurz
By Kyle Kurz
on November 06, 2023
Passkeys are all the rage these days, for obvious reasons. The idea of replacing a complex (or worse, reused) password you must remember with a unique generated secret stored on your machine for each ...
Erica Forrette
By Erica Forrette
on October 27, 2023
Great news for our clients and their customers, just in time for holiday shopping. The Wildfire Merchant Development team is always securing new partnerships with notable e-commerce retailers, so ...
Erica Forrette
By Erica Forrette
on October 23, 2023
This year, the Money20/20 USA show in Las Vegas is focusing onthe story in the banking/payments/fintech/FI industries, as told through four distinct chapters addressing the root of what’s happening ...
Jennifer Blanton
By Jennifer Blanton
on October 13, 2023
As you probably know, Black Friday / Cyber Monday is the shopping weekend from Thanksgiving to the Monday after, and is one of the highest-volume shopping “holidays” of the year. Discounts and deals ...
Jennifer Blanton
By Jennifer Blanton
on October 05, 2023
Here at Wildfire, as we continue our research into the best ways to successfully market browser extensions for cashback rewards and coupons, in this post we analyze the marketing and customer ...
Aurea Almeida
By Aurea Almeida
on September 22, 2023
Today’s consumers are shopping anywhere and everywhere. Gone are the days when customers only shopped on their desktops. Smart shoppers now seamlessly switch between devices, engaging with brands ...