Erica Forrette
By Erica Forrette
on April 26, 2022
Every day, we are lucky to work with visionary companies who see the value of implementing an e-commerce rewards program for their customers. Today, we want to highlight four savvy Wildfire partners ...
Jase Thomson
By Jase Thomson
on April 07, 2022
With the release of iOS 15, Apple took a leap forward, carving a path for mobile browser extensions by introducing iOS Safari app extensions. These extensions enhance users’ browsing experience by ...
Adison Lay
By Adison Lay
on March 15, 2022
Background: Simultaneous Cashback Program Development A major goal in software development is to keep your code DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself). Ideally, when you require a piece of functionality in ...
Erica Forrette
By Erica Forrette
on January 25, 2022
Welcome to the first post in our series highlighting our amazing team members and shining some light on the contributions of every individual at Wildfire.
Kyle Kurz
By Kyle Kurz
on January 21, 2022
Introduction Secret management is hard. There, I said it. Leaked secrets in Slack channels, shared Google documents or accidental commits to a codebase are commonplace, daily occurrences at many ...