Kristin Beers
By Kristin Beers
on April 10, 2023
In Part 1 of this series, my illustrious colleague Michelle Wood outlined some of the challenges with relationship-building and maintaining a robust network of merchants to power a cashback rewards ...
Shawn Conahan
By Shawn Conahan
on December 12, 2022
At October’s Money20/20 USA event in Las Vegas, I met with 26 banks and other financial services companies. Do you know what ALL of them said? Literally all of the consumer-facing financial ...
Erica Forrette
By Erica Forrette
on August 31, 2022
In today’s modern banking world, banks understand that they need to move beyond merely having a transactional relationship with their customers. To accomplish this, they need to increase customer ...
Michelle Wood
By Michelle Wood
on August 02, 2022
These days, with price increases at record levels, everyone is looking for ways to make their money go further when purchasing both necessities and non-essential items. Whether it’s immediate savings ...
Erica Forrette
By Erica Forrette
on July 05, 2022
With privacy and personal data protection concerns at an all-time high, and the poor user experience created by sites with too many ads, many consumers look to ad-blockers to improve and streamline ...
Erica Forrette
By Erica Forrette
on July 01, 2022
What are cashback rewards programs and why do they matter? Loyalty and rewards programs offered by all types of businesses have become extremely popular. HBR reports that more than 60% of all ...
Michele Maley
By Michele Maley
on June 28, 2022
Before entering any sort of partnership, the companies on both sides usually want to understand the partnership's potential value and return on their investment. Creating an ROI model for a cashback ...
Erica Forrette
By Erica Forrette
on June 15, 2022
The backbone of any customer loyalty program is in the name itself: the customer! Although typically, the key reason why a company launches a customer rewards program is to drive business objectives ...
Erica Forrette
By Erica Forrette
on June 07, 2022
As an advertiser, a company might already be running an online affiliate marketing program. Which is great, because as a performance marketing channel, affiliate programs are proven to be an ...
Erica Forrette
By Erica Forrette
on May 31, 2022
Companies often view loyalty programs as strictly being a customer retention strategy. While they are a powerful way to increase customer lifetime value and strengthen customer relationships, they ...