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Announcing Our Newest White-Label Cashback Rewards Partners

Every day, we are lucky to work with visionary companies who see the value of implementing an e-commerce rewards program for their customers. Today, we want to highlight four savvy Wildfire partners who have recently gone live with rewards features that integrate solutions from Wildfire’s white-label cashback and rewards platform. 

From Chrome cashback browser extensions, to shopping sites, to iOS mobile Safari extensions and even mobile cashback alerts in Android, these partners have integrated Wildfire cashback rewards features in creative ways to offer more value for their customers and drive loyalty for their brands and products.




1.  Reklaim

Reklaim gives users the power to control their digital identity. The company offers an app that reveals any exposed personal data that individuals can take back under control. It also shows all of the companies who are buying or selling personal data, or has exposed user data as part of a data breach or hack. 

Through the Reklaim Cashback browser extension powered by Wildfire, Reklaim users can also earn cashback rewards for shopping online. Soon, Reklaim users will be able to turn the cashback they earned through the browser extension into Reklaim points. 



2. Givebacks

Givebacks is an innovative fundraising platform which enables PTAs and other causes to connect with online shoppers, who can automatically donate cashback from their online and offline purchases to the causes they choose. 

Through their partnership with Wildfire, Givebacks launched a Chrome cashback browser extension, an iOS Safari cashback mobile extension, and mobile cashback alerts on Android phones. The cashback earned from end-user shoppers through these features enables PTAs and causes to easily switch-on passive fundraising efforts by their supporters, called Backers, choosing to automatically donate all or part of their cashback earned from online shopping.

In addition to these three cashback activations that Givebacks created with Wildfire, Givebacks also utilized our merchant feed to create a shopping directory to help Backers know where they can shop to maximize their cashback, and in turn, maximize the donation to their cause.



3. Bumped

Bumped is a loyalty platform which allows businesses to reward their customers with ownership in the stock of those businesses. When customers buy from a certain company, they can be rewarded on those purchases with fractional shares of that company through the Bumped app. 

Working with Wildfire, Bumped created the opportunity for their customers to earn additional stock rewards from companies, with the launch of the Bumped Shopping Extension. The Bumped Shopping Extension helps turn everyday online spending with over 12,000 brands, into investing. All shoppers need to do is activate stock rewards offers before completing an online purchase, and they’ll receive fractional stock rewards into their Bumped account wherever possible.




4. Sift Wallet

Sift Wallet helps customers maximize their savings from bills and subscriptions. Sift unlocks hidden credit cards benefits like price protection, and supports other things like return, warranty, theft and damage protection. Sift will not only detect the benefits available to customers, but it will automatically file claims on their behalf with credit card issuers to get money back.

In keeping with their mission to helping customers maximize their savings, Sift launched the Wildfire-powered Sift Rewards & Cashback browser extension, with more money-savings tools on the way. The Sift Rewards Chrome cashback extension includes the ability to find and automatically apply coupons at e-commerce checkout, and earn cashback for their online purchases. 


We thank all of these wonderful partners! And a special shoutout for their vision and innovative use of the tools in Wildfire's white-label rewards platform in ways that tie directly to their business models and support their value propositions.


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Published by Erica Forrette April 26, 2022
Erica Forrette